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Sky High Gear Freedom VII Flight Bag

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PERFECT FOR SMALLER COCKPITS Freedom VII is THE flight bag for those who want to pack light for a short day flight or a CFI who needs just the minimum requirements for lessons. This black flight bag with blue accents comes with Sky High's patent pending CoPilot feature. This allows you to organize 4 Sectional Charts, extra batteries and other miscellaneous equipment. The main compartment has plenty of room for a headset or two 2" Jeppesen chart binders with a pocket on the back for your kneeboard, A/FD or other materials. Constructed with durable ballistic nylon for excellent wear. If you like or need a flight bag that will easily fit into small areas, this is the bag for you. Your choice of color accents: Crimson Red, Cobalt Blue, Blazing Yellow or Hunter Green. Features: * Roomy 13.5 X 9.5 X 5.5" * Exterior of tough 1680D Dual Strand ballistic nylon * Interior lined with 100 strand 420D nylon * Constructed with 3/8" closed cell foam for better protection * Padded PDA/E6B calculator pocket * Mesh pocket to hold miscellaneous items * External pocket for kneeboard * 5 external slots for Pens/Mini Mag flashlight * External handheld radio padded pocket * CoPilot feature for organizing up to 4 TAC's, WAC's or sectionals * 1 headset or two 2" Jeppesen Chart binders * 4 AA or AAA battery elastics to keep batteries readily available and easy to reach * Key fob to keep keys close and easy to retrieve * Protective pads on bottom to prevent wear * High strength dual action swivel hardware * Self-healing zippers * Water resistant coatings * High count stitching