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Cockpit- Horsehide ''Flying Tigers'' A-2 Jacket

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An authentic replica with history, this A-2 jacket is made from 100% American horsehide leather. Details include an authentic China Burma India leather applique blood chit on the jacket back, antique silver thread bullion China Burma India patch on left arm, The Flying Tigers 13th Air Force bullion insignia on the right shoulder, a leather applique Flying Tiger 23rd Fighter group insignia on the left front chest and an officer I.D. card in the lining. This jacket is also made to vintage military size specifications. It fits snugly so we do recommend that you order one size larger than your normal size for a more comfortable fit. For the purist, take your regular number chest size. Proudly made in the U.S.A. - Antique Brown only - With Bullion sleeve patches - Regular lengths only, no LONGs. ----------------------------------------------------------------


The unique character of Cockpit USA jackets begins when you enter the Cockpit and take substitutes accepted, only perfection.

The Cockpit Collection is designed by Jeff Clyman, founder of Avirex Ltd. in 1975. The collection includes flight jackets that made him famous while flying Air Force fighters and vintage aircraft which are now part of The American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport in New York.

The collection spans the best of WW II flyer's jackets, styled in every detail like the originals. Just as Avirex set the standard for authentic flight jackets in the 1970's and 1980's, the new Cockpit USA line by Jeff Clyman sets the new standard for quality, genuine military specs and long-wearing, comfortable jackets. The entire collection is reminiscent of the days when life appeared simpler, where the lines between good and evil were clearly defined - When we knew who the enemy was. The Cockpit Collection - historically poetic!